Wythall Parish Council Function and Structure

Parish Council Action Plan

Action Plan 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [127.1 KB]

What does the Parish Council do?


Wythall Parish Council is committed to:

Providing relevant and cost effective local sevices to the residents of

Preserving the semi-rural identity of Wythall and the green belt within

Developing the economic viabiltiy of the village whilst maintaining its
semi-rural personality.

Helping the local community to develop facilities to meet local needs.


Wythall Parish Council has little power but a reasonable amount of influence
an example of this is Planning Applications.  Every application is seen by the
Planning Committee for review and their comments are sent back to Bromsgrove
District Council who will then review the Parish Councils comments.


The Parish Council is directly responsible for the following services to the

The Allotments in Packhorse Lane (managed by the Allotments Association).

Bus Shelters

Some Street Lighting

Wythall Cemetery

The War Memorial

Mowing some of the grass verges under contract to Worcestershire County
Council and Bromsgrove District Council


The Parish Council also has the services of a lengthsman (funded by Worcestershire County Council) and the Bromsgrove District Council Place Team, who both help to keep the Parish looking tidy.


The Parish Council also supports the Community in the form of grants to local
groups.  Grants have been made to Wythall Village Hall, Wythall Tennis Club, Wythall Community Association, Wythall Community Choir, Wythall Together, and Woodrush Youth Centre.




Wythall Parish Council has fifteen Councillors.  Council elections take place
every four years.  The last election took place in May 2015, the next election is in May 2019.


A Full Council meeting takes place on the third Thursday of every month
(except August and December) in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.  The first fifteen
minutes of the meeting is made over for members of the public who may raise
issues with the Council.  Every year on the third Thursday in May the Parish
holds a Statuatory Meeting at which time residents can participate throughout
the meeting this is followed by the Annual Meeting.


The Council has three Committees which meet once a month at the Parish Council
Office on Beaudesert Rd.  These Committees are:

Finance, Policy and Resources

Community Services


Finance, Policy and Resources

Proposes all policy decisions taken by the Council, proposing and controlling
the Council`s Budget and expenditure and managing the Council`s administrative



Community Services


Managing the Cemetery, Bus Shelters and Roadside Seats, Footway Lighting within the Parish, including recommendation of additional street lighting and highlighting highways issues, including potholes, and passing these on to the Worcestershire County Council and monitoring their repair.


Planning Committee


Reviewing every planning application within the Parish, either supporting or
objecting to them depending on how they conform with local planning guidance and
whether or not they infringe on the green belt.

Acting as a consultation group to any central government changes to planning


A composition of Committees can be downloaded below. 

Committees 2019-20.pdf
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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct.pdf
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Budget 2018 -2019

Copy of Budget 2018-19 v6.xlsbn latest.p[...]
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Standing Orders/Financial Regulations

Wythall Parish Council Financial Regulations - April 2015
Adobe Acrobat document [325.8 KB]
Standing Orders - updated Feb 17
Adobe Acrobat document [319.7 KB]
Standing Orders for Committees
Reviewed June 2018
Standing Orders for Committees 2015.pdf
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Register of Assetts

Register of Assetts
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Freedom of Information Act

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Council Insurance Policy

Insurance - 18 to 19.pdf
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Parish Council Representative on outside bodies

Reps on outside bodies 18 to 19.pdf
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